Miscarriage and Stillbirth.

Fehl- und Totgeburt

Miscarriage and stillbirth, birth and death are very close. Some par- ents have to go through this painful experience, which deprives them of a life with their child. Some children die very early in the pregnancy and enter this world as a miscarriage; some children die shortly before the expected date of birth. Often, there is no reason for the death of the child and the parents are visibly affected and helpless facing this stroke of fate.

But even if the reason is a serious illness of the child, and the parents may have been aware of this, the pain of they share is no less.

Monitoring of women and couples encountering a miscarriage or giving birth to their dead child is a service provided by the midwife. Knowledge of the importance of the grieving process is a requirement for the competent support for the affected parents. Some midwives have dealt specifically with monitoring grieving parents. 

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Helpful Links:

  • Initiative RAINBOW "Luckless Pregnancy" e.V.
    Contact circle after losing a child through miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth or death shortly after birth
  • TABEA e.V.
    Counseling Center for grief counseling, grief groups, postnatal courses, funeral preparations for miscarried and still-born babies and death of young children
  • National Association Orphaned Parents in Germany e.V.
    Help for grieving families
  • Family tent
    Advice in times of crisis and courses around the birth
  • For inner peace a weekend for women after miscarriage or stillbirth