Domestic Help.

Family care during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman is not able to manage her household due to complications during her pregnancy (e.g. premature labor pains, premature birth efforts or extreme vomiting due to the pregnancy), a physician may prescribe domestic help/family care in accordance with § 24h SGB V. In this case, it is not required that a child under the age of 12 lives in the same household, as is usual.

Family care in puerperal

Domestic help/family care after birth is also addressed by § 24h SGBV. The prescription for domestic help/family care through a midwife is, in principle, possible for the first six days after birth. Almost all health insurance companies grant up to eight hours per day, if it is requested by the midwife or as directed by the doctor during this period, and if the family filed an application. Domestic help/family care can be arranged through family care services or can be arranged privately.