Premature Birth.


Babies, which are born before the 37th week of pregnancy, are called premature babies or preemies. Their senses and their bodily functions are not yet fully mature. In this case, it is safer when the baby is born in a hospital with an attached pediatric clinic, since a possible transfer to a different hospital is not necessary.

A premature baby is not used to the life outside of the warm and protective womb and needs, depending on the week of pregnancy, time to mature.

The emotional and physical support for the preemie by the parents is very important for his development. Breast feeding is especially valuable, since it adapts to the individual needs of the baby and it also supplies the necessary nutrients and protective antibodies for the baby. This results into an optimal protection against infections.

Support by the midwife during the pregnancy

Sick leave, rest and/or stress reduction and relief provided by a domestic helper, have proven to add to the successful treatment of premature contractions. In addition to the doctor's visits, the midwife can assist you at home. Through relaxation exercises, advice regarding nutrition and lifestyle habits, as well as through discussions, she will assist you in looking at finding solutions, which provide support and relief to you.

Support by the midwife after giving birth

Every woman's body must recover after giving birth. Women who have given birth to her baby prematurely usually do not get the chance to recover. Visits to the pediatric clinic take priority, so that the women delay their recovery. The midwife can help out. Even if the baby is still in stationary care, the mother is entitled to help from a midwife.

And even during the time after the baby is released from the hospital, many questions and uncertainties arise that require clarification, for which the midwife is helpful. The midwife will provide assistance with breastfeeding and/or with pumping breast milk and feeding, as well as the care of the baby and determining roles in the new situation of life.

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