Postpartum Depression.

After the birth of their baby, all parents hope for a happy start to their lives together. Sometimes it happens differently, and mothers are extremely insecure and at a loss if other, unexpected feelings arise rather than the happiness they expected.

… Every joy and energy seem to have evaporated
… Worries and fears become loyal companions
… Exhaustion and excessive demands exist despite sleep
… Shame and doubt spread, even a "normal" mother would not feel so

These and similar, unforeseen feelings are experienced by 10 - 20% of all mothers on different emotional levels. These are not bad mothers, but they are desperate mothers. Short-term psychological instability, also known as 'baby blues', is not meant herewith. It refers to emotions that feel like an iron band around your heart, without hope of improvement. This can develop during the first few days after giving birth, but sometimes not until weeks or months later.

Have confidence in your midwife to enable her to support you in this emotional state.

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