Domestic Violence.


Pregnancy and birth are a time of upheaval. These changes can mean a variety of stressors for the partnership, which are not always a positive impact on the relationship. Sometimes, conflicts are not solved without violence. 

The extent of violence against women is high: one in four women have experienced violence by their partner at least once, one in seven women reported sexual violence (Schröttle / Müller 2004).
Often, this has consequences for the health: not only can physical injuries result, but sleep disorders, depression, pain, or excessive consumption of cigarettes or alcohol can occur. The health of the newborn might already be affected.

Get support. Talk to your midwife. There are many facilities where you can find free help - also anonymously and via telephone.

Intimate partner violence:  BIG Hotline

Telephone:: 030 / 611 03 00
Every day - also on weekends and federal holidays – during the time of 09:00 to 24:00 hours available to you - in 50 different languages.

Helpful Links:

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  • Crisis and counseling center for raped and sexually harassed women (via telephone and in person), offering short-term therapy, and information for relatives
  • Feminist Women's Health Center e.V.
    Counseling center for health consequences due to sexual abuse and sexual violence, offering free courses for women with health problems, physical and sexual problems as a result of sexual violence.
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