Midwives Association.

The Berlin Midwives Association (BHV) represents approximately 800 midwives and midwifery students in Berlin and is a member of the Umbrella Association of the "German Midwives Association" based in Karlsruhe.

Our members are employed and/or self-employed or are in training to become midwives. We represent the interests of our members on a regional level and are trying to integrate the concerns of midwives into the public debate. In addition, we are committed to improve our education and critically observe the changes in the work situation of our employed colleagues.
Finally, we want to achieve that pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium and breastfeeding are considered to be a special, but natural process in a woman's life again.
We are available, for colleagues, student midwives, pregnant women, as well as all other callers and visitors in our office, to provide information and advice for you.

Erkelenzdamm 33, 10999 Berlin
Phone: 030 / 694 61 54
Fax: 030 / 616 093 54
E-Mail: mail@berliner-hebammenverband.de

Office hours::
Tuesday 13.00 - 15.00 hours and Thursday 09:00 – 11:00 hours

Please note: we are not able to process all requests regarding midwives care, courses, and clinics. Please click on the following link for information.


Regina Roser-Schwanke

Ann Jule Wowretzko
erste Vorsitzende
freiberufliche Hebamme

Telefon: 030 / 694 61 54

Corinna Lenné

Anja Constance Gaca
2. kommissarische Vorsitzende;
Expertin für Stillen und Ernährung
freiberufliche Hebamme, Familienhebamme, Still- und Laktationsberaterin IBCLC

Telefon: 030 / 690 412 78

Angela Berkheim-Kotzurek

Lisa Leitlein
freiberufl. Hebamme


Beata Britzke

Katharina Kerlen-Petri

Erweiterter Vorstand.

Julia Petzold

Julia Hennicke
freiberufliche Hebamme

Telefon: 0157 / 339 99 67

Beata Britzke

Annabelle Ahrens
Stellv. Schatzmeisterin

Juliane Jule Schneider
Stellvertretende Schriftführerin